Active Week Dance

Here are some videos of 5th and 6th class performing their end of year dances as well as 2 girls from 5th doing a gymnastics routine.

Well done to all involved

Bike Week

A video of 5th class taking off on their cycle following a training day by Lucas from the green school committee.  Lets hope to see more children cycling to school everyday.

Raising our 4th Green Flag

Some short videos of our celebrations when we raised our 4th green flag entitled TRAVEL.

During the previous 2 years the children have made a huge effort to walk, park and stride or car pool to school.  It has been wonderful to see a decrease in traffic and less cars parked outside the school in the mornings  and evenings.


Active Week

A few pictures from the 6th class girls enjoying the many activities they took part in during active week.  The girls had a treasure hunt, obstacle course, bench ball, football, tag, races, dance etc. It was a wonderful week despite some showers. A huge thank you to Ms. O’Connor, the active committee and her 5th class helpers for organising everything.


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Visit from the Irish Guide Dogs

Last week we were lucky to have a visit from one of the fundraisers from The Irish Guide Dogs Association.The children were thrilled with visit and learned all about how the guide dogs are trained, the type of work they do and how they are looked after.

Some Important Dates

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 Some Important Dates 


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Friday May 27th – Tour; Final day for balance of all Tour Money.




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Thursday June 9th – Early Closing due to Staff Meeting.  School will close at 1.00 pm.



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Monday June 13th to Friday June 17th – Active Week



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Monday June 17th  – End of year Mass in the Cathedral at 12.30


Parents Association

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Thursday May 26th – Final Day for payment for Book Rental Scheme for the coming school year.




Debating Competition

Well done to the 6th class girls on reaching the semi-final of the Tuam Education Centre debating competition, where they narrowly lost out to the Mercy Primary School in a very tough debate.

In the quarter-final, Aoibhe, Clodagh and Johanna defeated Gardenfield, opposing the motion “Ireland is a corrupt country”.


In the semi-final, Tara, Gemma and  Johanna proposed the motion “Social media can be harmful”.

As a warm-up to the debating final, Clodagh, Alanna and Lauren opposed the motion that Alien life exists outside planet earth against St. Pats. After a very entertaining debate it was deemed too difficult to separate the teams and so the debate resulted in a draw.

Overall it was a fantastic competition and we look forward to next years competition already.


Wardens Competition

Well done to Wednesdays team who represented the school in the Galway County Council wardens Competition held in Moylough last Tuesday.  Although the girls didn’t win they performed superbly and were extremely safe and competent on the road.

Well done to all involved and to the rest of the 6th class girls for performing their duty so carefully each evening.

Flag Raising

On Tuesday March 15th the eldest and youngest pupil of the Presentation Primary School with the help of Sgt. Gannon raised the national flag to remember the events of 1916.  The pupils from 6th class read the new proclamation while the pupils from 3rd class up sang and played the national anthem.  It was a wonderful afternoon with Céilí dancing for the children in 4th class and the parents.  The bottom corridor was beautifully decorated with projects depicting the various events of 1916.

Well done to all the pupils and staff involved, it was a wonderful way to commemorate 1916.


Our New Proclamation



In the name of our generation and future generations, we stand today to recognise the sacrifice made by those who fought in the 1916 rising. We respect their beliefs and values and their vision for Ireland.   We, the pupils of 6th class in the Presentation Primary School, proclaim our own vision for Ireland in 2016 and the future.

Over the last few years Ireland has become more diverse.  We have mixed cultures, religions and nationalities.  This has taught us to respect others for who they are and what they believe in. We believe everyone should be treated equally, no matter what God they worship, or the colour of their skin.  We have shown progress in accepting and respecting everyone in Ireland. We hope and dream that Ireland is known as a welcoming country.  We hope to uphold our reputation.

We believe that education is a priority in this country.  All children have the right to attend school and receive a good education. It is important that money is not a barrier to sending children to school.  We hope that, when we leave school, we will have the opportunity to attend college without fees, pursue our career paths of choice and be successful.

In recent years, Ireland went through an economic recession resulting in job losses and mass emigration.  As we continue to recover, it is important the government encourages growth and development of new companies in urban and rural communities.

Long before the Easter rising, the people of Ireland immigrated to places like America and England for better opportunities.  Now as migrants from Syria and war torn countries struggle, we should welcome them into our country.  We should also give those Irish who emigrated an opportunity to return home.  Young and old need job opportunities, if they were to return to Ireland.

In 1916 Ireland fought for its independence.  There have been some years of violence and unrest in Northern Ireland, but as a result of peace talks and the hard work of governments, Ireland is now at peace and we wish for this to continue.   Ireland is a peaceful country.  We have remained neutral during wars. We send our men and women to war torn countries as peacekeepers.  We want to continue to live in a peaceful country.

We are lucky to have a democracy in Ireland, so that when we are 18 we can vote.  If we are unhappy with our government, we can vote for change. We ask that everyone uses their vote and aspires to represent our country.

Irish is the language of Ireland. Music, song, dance and games are a huge part of our culture. We encourage everyone to continue to learn and speak our native language, carry on our wonderful music traditions and play our native sports.

We believe Ireland should have a better health care system.  We hear, in the media, that many people attend hospitals each week and unfortunately, some of those people don’t receive the appropriate care. It is our hope that the issues surrounding insufficient beds and waiting times for patients will be addressed.  We are optimistic that the people of Ireland will always have someone to turn to for care.

Ireland is renowned for its beautiful, clean environment. We ask everyone to protect this wonderful environment.  In Tuam, for example, there is a wonderful park with beautiful flowers and trees.  Every year in Ireland men, women and children take part in tidy towns competitions to keep their town tidy.  We ask everyone here today to continue to support initiatives such as tidy towns, green schools, recycling and to keep Ireland a beautiful country for ourselves and future generations.

We believe that Ireland should do everything in its power to abolish homelessness. Everyone has a right to a home especially children. We believe our government should protect those who are vulnerable.

Many different forms of bullying have unfortunately, become part of our lives.  We think that people should show kindness and love.   We hope that, if you see someone being bullied, you would support them and not be a bystander.

This is our country. We are proud of it. We need to continue to cherish and respect all who live in it and wish for continued prosperity for us and our future generations. This is our proclamation.


Signed on Behalf of Presentation Convent