Junior Achievement

As part of Junior Achievement the girls are examining the world of science and engineering.  As part of last weeks lesson they investigated how science is used to solve crimes. The girls had to find out who stole an item by analysing the ink that was left behind at the scene.

Science Week

Dr Ken presents the Entertaining Science Circus Show
Dr Ken took the 6th class girls  on a voyage of discovery investigating how performers make use of many scientific principles in their tricks and stunts.
Here are some pictures of the girls really enjoying the show.

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Science Week: Sound workshop

As part of science week we were lucky enough to have a science workshop on sound on Monday.  As you can see from the pictures the children thoroughly enjoyed the experiments and learned a lot.

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Mini Beasts Hunt

Pictures of the girls from 6th class taking part in a mini-beasts hunt around the grounds of the school.

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Science Week 2013

Some pictures of the 6th class girls enjoying their science workshop in November. They completed experiments on light, sound and forces.

K’nex Roadshow

Science Week – K’nex Education
The K’nex team brought their colourful, fun roadshow to our 1st and 2nd classes. The roadshow promotes student engagement in the maths, science and technology.
See some pictures from Ms. Tighe’s Class below.

Science for Fun

Pictures of the girls from 4th class taking part in Science for Fun with Transition Years from Archbishop McHale College.

Science Week

Click on the below week to see the girls of 2nd class enjoying a maths/science workshop.
Some of the girls in second class taking part in Science Week

Science Week

Science week 2011 will take place from November 13th to 20th. Click on the below links for more information about science week and the various events taking place.

Jungle Animals

Here are our finished Jungle Animals. They are absolutely gorgeous as you can see and the children worked very hard to get them finished. Well done to all of them.